Always Increase Your Confidence . . . Strive for Understanding

Effort and failure are the wellsprings of confidence. Without the effort to confront challenges, creativity would be at a stalemate. Without the failure, there would not be as many lessons to learn. We can think of confidence as a flowchart showing lessons learned which then creates confidence which in turn gives rise to more ideas and effort. The effort then may be thwarted and the idea has to be reexamined. This reworking of the idea creates a better product , service or idea and again confidence is increased.

Due to continual fast paced technological progress, our failures and efforts constantly alter the landscape in which we live. New technologies may seem overwhelming or we could look at these structural changes as opportunities to learn new tools for advancing our day to day thoughts and routines. An ever changing thought process can keep us from being in a place of thought that is not critically evaluating the differences around us. To be critical as you are striving to understand builds confidence. To be critical in order to feel we are better will diminish our confidence. In that situation the confidence is originating from outside. If it originates from our comfortableness of seeing differences and trying to understand them, confidence is increased. To accept diversity of thought and physicality and feel empowered by the strengths of differences is to breed confidence in yourself. Even if you are not knowledgeable about all the technology that is available, you can revel in the skills of others without thinking you are a less capable individual.

As a role model and teacher our demonstration of the willingness to accept change and enjoy the process will not only build our confidence but will increase the confidence of those around us. There is now so much information available, it will not only be the learning that gives confidence it will be the realization that our capabilities and failures will teach and enhance confidence as we journey forward.

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