Meatless Monday

Photo of vegetable dishThe meat consumption of the average American is 8 ounces per day—45% more than the USDA recommends. In WWI the government urged the population to reduce consumption of staples such as meat, wheat and sugar thus supporting the troops and helping to feed starving Europeans. “Meatless Monday” and “Wheatless Wednesday” were encouraged as voluntary rationing. Fast forward to WWII and the rationing was reinstated. Now, 6 decades later, the non-profit, Meatless Monday, is again encouraging us to consider making this a part of our diets in hopes of improving our health, raise awareness for animal welfare and for the environment.

Livestock production accounts for nearly one-fifth of all man made greenhouse gas emissions, increases our carbon footprint and uses precious natural resources. The movement is really a grass roots movement and is taking various forms throughout the world. Many countries, institutions, municipalities and individuals have adopted and adapted this in their own way. It’s a way that everyone can participate for their own and the environment’s benefit. Not every person can have a garden, buy a hybrid car, or use public transportation. But everyone can cut their consumption of meat, eat vegetarian one day a week and make a great difference in those things that matter. For more information visit

Additional information about our last newsletter article “Organic vs. Local” has been contributed by Linda DeStefano. The information shared would espouse dairy as well as meat to our restraints in our food consumption. Although, buying locally produced food is important to our economy and our community, Chris Weber, a professor at Carnegie Mellon Institute, emphasizes that buying locally produced food doesn’t have as much im-pact as designating one day a week as your dairyless or meatless day. If you wish more information, please contact Linda at 315-488-2140 or LDSTEFANO3@TWCNY.RR.COM.

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