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It’s always best to focus on  things to feel good about during the holiday season –and to share these with others can make us feel even better! Here’s some recent good news from the Fair Trade industry worth sharing – and some ideas on how we may join the momentum and  continue making a difference while doing what we are already likely to be doing during the holidays: shopping, giving gifts, and getting together with friends and loved ones.

First, the good news – SPINS, the first company to offer sales data of Natural Products to the industry, reported in October that sales of Fair Trade Certified™ items at grocery stores are up by 30 percent this year, to $140 million. Also, Fair Trade USA announces many major name brand product ice creams, teas and coffees we already know and love are expanding their lines of Fair Trade Certified™ products, some even committing to have all of their products certified in the near future. This voting with dollars meant, in 2009, more than $48 million additional income and funding was available for education, health care, clean water and other vital services for more than 1.2 million people in Fair Trade Communities worldwide. You can visit http://fairtradeusa.org for more information.

You can be part of a Green America project to help “Fair Trade”  your own supermarket,  if you go to http://www.fairtradeyoursupermarket.org/ for kits, information and ideas. Order a kit, and you’ll get comment cards that you can place on the shelves or produce counters, letting  your store (and other shoppers) see your approval for items which are Fair Trade™ or, telling them “I would buy this . . . if it were Fair Trade.”

For more ideas on promoting  fair trade, or online gift ideas, consider visiting Global Exchange’s Blog, Shop Fair, Give Fair at  http://www.globalexchange.org/blogs/fairtrade/2010/11/03/shop-fair-give-fair/ Here, you’ll find links to many gifts ideas, as well as ideas such as hosting a Fair Trade Home Party, suggesting your office choose Fair Trade for its Corporate Gifts, or preparing a Fair Trade dish for a holiday gathering. All of these ideas and more  information can be found at www.fairtradefederation.org and www.fairtrade.us

It can be that easy to share Fair Trade news this season and make a positive change in the world – and isn’t that something to feel good about?


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