Plant More Confidence

Your confidence is rather like a garden. Some days the sun-shine and healthy foods make you sparkle with freshness. Other times the heat of the day has you drooping. With just the right proportions of water, sunshine, and rich soil, the garden aspires to greatness. The trick for you is to feed your confidence with just the right amount of praise and honest evaluation. The science of farming can lead to that beautifully bountiful garden. Our expertise in teaching and learning allows us to be the source of our own confidence.  

What are the habits of a day that increase your confidence? For some, it could be sleep, exercise, getting things done, having integrity, being prepared, being knowledgeable, or relaxation. Write down 10 practices that would instill a continual sense of confidence for you. Keep this list in a place where you will see it each day as a reminder.  

Sometimes, we lose our confidence because we are measur-ing ourselves by an ideal. An ideal is something we are perpetually striving toward. Our ideal is a moving target. We set a place we want to be in two years. We accomplish that ideal and then we set another ideal. We tend to keep the ideal beyond where we are now. That’s the growth we want to experience to maintain our confidence. In order to appraise ourselves positively, we need to measure ourselves by what we have accomplished not by saying we haven’t reached our two year or 10 year goal yet. Each step along the way is an accomplishment we need to recognize as we move toward the lusciousness of our flourishing garden.  

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