Transformative Re-Action

“If you cut down more trees than you grow, you run out of trees. If you put additional nitrogen into a water system, you change the type and quantity of life that water can support. If you thicken the Earth’s carbon dioxide blanket, the Earth gets warmer. If you do all these and many more things at once, you change the way the whole system of planet Earth behaves, with social, economic and life-support impacts. This is not speculation, this is high school science.”

These facts coming to pass, however, say author Paul Gilding (The Great Disruption: How the Climate Crisis Will Transform the Global Economy), shouldn’t be cause for despair, as he reminds us of human nature in an emergency:

“In all this … there is a surprising case for optimism. As a species, we are good in a crisis, and passing the limits will certainly be the biggest crisis our species has ever faced. Our backs will be up against the wall, and in that situation we have proven ourselves to be extraordinary.”

When we finally realize that this is a real crisis our species will, as we always have,  respond dramatically. We will completely transform our economy including the industries that we know contribute to the biggest crisis we have faced. We will, of necessity, return to the more basic life-one that is not addicted to growth and “stuff”. We’ll realize and accept that none of that is making life better and seek out the things that actually can sustain us emotionally and physically.

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