Gifted Investments ~ Giving Growth


What is the best way to gift for the future while allowing your gift to grow in value on a monetary basis and create growth of confidence for the receiver? 

Parents could buy long term care insurance to protect their assets from being used for their health care. This would be a gift to themselves allowing them to have a comfortable retirement.  The assets could be a gift to children or a favorite charity.  This would also be a gift to children who would otherwise have to change their lives to be caregivers.

A gift of the cost for attendance to special seminars or lecture series would brighten the life of a loved one.

College savings accounts such as 529 plans could be started with a lump sum ($1,000) and add monthly investments  through automatic deductions from your checking account .

Roth IRAs are a way to invest for retirement or for college expenses.  

The contributions you make to a Roth IRA can be withdrawn without penalty as long as you only take out what you have put in.  If you take out any money that the Roth IRA earned through dividends or capital gains, you will have to pay a penalty and taxes on those earnings.  Since you paid taxes on the money (from a salary you earned) before you invested, the contributions are not taxable.

Have a tree(s) planted in a place chosen by the receiver.

Buy a hybrid or electric car and give a gift to yourself and the Earth.

Is there a loved one that is very involved in volunteering for an organization they really believe is making the world a better place to live?  Maybe, you could contribute to that organization with dollars or with a donation of your time along side the person who is very committed to the mission of the group. 

Giving can be such fund!!

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