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There is currently over $3 trillion in assets invested in Socially Responsible Investments (SRI). This represents 12% of the funds currently being professionally managed. Funds are flowing into SRI investments at a higher rate than into conventional investments. By choosing socially responsible investments you are helping to change corporate culture.

Companies do not want to miss opportunities to attract more investment and goodwill. They are paying attention to the criteria that socially responsible investors use to screen for acceptable investments. Close to 80% of companies now issue sustainability reports. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index recently added 41 new companies to its updated list. Although, unfortunately, 41 companies were deleted, we’re seeing more that are paying attention to their environmental, social and governance factors.

The Coca Cola Company recently started a program to empower young women entrepreneurs in developing countries. Visa has launched a financial inclusion program that brings financial services to underserved populations by partnering with local governments and non-profits. Even Wal-mart launched a very aggressive sustainability program.

I’m sure you have noticed more and more products and packaging that are trying to be environmentally friendly. When we choose to purchase products that are better for the environment or are made by a company that pays attention to corporate social responsibility, we send a signal of support.  More companies will choose to produce environmentally friendly products or be recognized for their corporate social responsibility if that is what consumers want.

The same is true of where you direct your investment dollars. As more people utilize socially responsible investing, companies will continue to see the signal of support.  They will realize that they have to change their ways or they will not be included in those investment categories.  We are seeing increasing examples of companies changing for the better. Your investment choices matter- keep up the good work!

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