Tax Update

There were several changes to the tax rules and provisions in 2013. The American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), passed in January of 2013, extended many of the tax rates and provisions that were in effect previously. It did include some changes:  notably, the creation of a 39.6% tax bracket for high income taxpayers. This bracket […]

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Divestment 101

As students return to college campuses, many will become more aware of climate change concerns, and attend lectures or classes that educate them about the impact to our planet from continuing and increasing use of fossil fuels. Such broadening awareness may then bring the question, “What can I do about this?” In response, increasing numbers […]

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The Outs and Ins of Banking

You’ve heard of ‘Bail Outs,’ what the US did for banks and corporations to make sure they did not fail.  Well, now there is another approach to making sure the “too big to fail” companies receive the cash they have expended.  It is called a ‘Bail In.’ ‘Bailed In’ is when creditors, including depositors, give […]

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Why Are My Bond Funds Losing Value?

All investments offer a balance between risk and potential return. Historically, the average returns from bond investments have been lower and more stable than the average returns from stocks. In general bonds are considered less risky than stocks. Bonds balance the risk of owning stock. More conservative portfolios will contain more bonds. If you have […]

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