The Blooming Mind

The new year and the spring season may bring you fresh thoughts of change and growth.  All around us are stories of lack and despair but have you thought of the percentage of what is published compared to the percentage of goodness in the world?  I would guess that goodness wins in an overwhelming way.  This could be measured by actions or by thinking.  Our journey as humans is to make sure both actions and thoughts are about abundance and appreciation even though the reality may look different.

There is said to be a negativity bias which is giving more weight to negative information and experiences than to positive ones. Also, our confirmation bias tends to search for or  interpret information  in  a way that confirms one’s own  preconceptions.  For example, we may read the editorials that match our views or watch the television programs that build on our opinions or existing values. This may limit our ability to take in new data and change old opinions.

Understanding that a situation has a solution, allows the brain to envision a remedy which is stimulating, motivating and produces action.  When we look at the great inventors and entrepreneurs that have brought technological advances  to the world, we can extrapolate from the evidence of improvements we see each day that this growth of ideas and functionality will continue as  the millennium of projects yet to come are structured toward solutions. Growth in the future may look very different from what we know but we owe it to ourselves and future generations to be continually cognizant that what we think and do is a powerful example to our circle of  acquaintances.

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