Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) – Who Benefits?

Since the news is out that banks create money by entering loan figures on their computer screens then calling those amounts assets, confidence in our banking system is diminished. This power to “print” money is given to a nonelected, unaccountable banking monopoly.

Why would governments ever have to sell off public assets and reduce public services to pay off debt? Why couldn’t the government have the same permission as private banks to make accounting entries on their books? A public banking system could accomplish a greater good by paying banking profits back to the populace rather than return to the hands of the few in a private banking system.

If this is seen as a threat to the present big banking interests, these monopolies would want to make sure a public banking system will not be advanced as a substitute for the existing private system. This leads to a clarification of the proposed Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) now being debated in Congress.

The specifics of the agreement cannot be discussed by Congress and the documents are to be classified for five years.

What we do know about the TiSA is that it involves 51 countries, liberalizes global trade affecting about 80% of the US economy, and restricts how governments can manage their public laws (privatizing state-owned enterprises). Involving so many countries of the world dampens the desire for money to be sent to countries with fairer banking laws because so many nations would be under the same regulations.

The following link will give you more information on this topic: Fast-tracking TiSA: Stealth Block to Monetary Reform.

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