Comfort Within the Unknown

If you are frustrated trying to keep up with new technology, you are not alone. The pace of of growth in our digital world has been exponential and our minds have adapted to linear growth. If one becomes two and two becomes three, etc., that is linear growth. When there is exponential growth one becomes two, two becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, 8 becomes 16, etc. This means if money was to grow linearly over a week, $1,000 would become $7,000 by the end of the week. A week of exponential growth would mean the $1,000 would be $64,000. This progression is following Moore’s Law whereby the number of integrated circuits on a transistor doubles every one to two years. In other words, the speed of our technological devices increase at a rapid pace. With more speed we experience more complicated capabilities which uses more of our time to process the implications these tools bring to our daily lives.

In the book “BOLD”, by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler a framework is presented that explains the Six D’s of exponential growth.

  1. Digitalization – from sharing information with others over time with stories, then the printing press, now in ones and zeros places information on an exponential curve.
  2. Deception – the period where growth of information is unnoticed because it is happening so fast and in small increments
  3. Disruption – when a company continues on a path born of the past and doesn’t see other companies that will soon have processes and abilities to surpass them through digitalization (Kodak).
  4. Demonetization – the practice of offering free services such as the Google browser, Craig’s list in place of commercial advertising and developing new ways of making money.
  5. Dematerialization – the vanishing of goods and services such as land line costs and long distance calling charges or cameras.
  6. Democratization – the availability of smartphones to most everyone leading to exponential communication and learning.

As we experience these phenomenon, let’s hope we allow ourselves to use the information we have before us to further a life of satisfaction knowing what we have learned is continually developing but that we want to measure ourselves on our progress not what we don’t know yet. There will always be a further goal to reach no matter how much you can learn in a day, week or month.

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