Buying flowers locally helps local economy to blossom

Buying flowers locally helps local economy to blossom

Buying flowers locally helps local economy to blossom

Think buying local is important? Don’t forget flowers, a recent Care2 article points out. Here are a few reasons and suggestions for getting local flowers:

Seventy percent of cut flowers sold in the US are imported from Latin America. They use pesticides banned in the US to control the bugs and diseases common to their climate in order to produce flowers that will sell in international markets. These pesticides have a harmful effect on field workers, especially for mothers who can pass on heart health risks to their children. Consumers may also be exposed to those chemicals, as we arrange or smell roses in our homes that can contain as much as 50 times the US legal limit of pesticides as on the food we eat.Those could be good enough reasons to avoid conventional cut flower sources, even if you don’t account for the environmental impact of moving temperature-controlled stock from one continent to another, then on to the seller.

Here are some great alternative ways to have healthier, local flowers to beautify your surroundings:
• Farmer’s Markets are a good source, and you can check to find farms and markets near your zip code that you may not have known about.
• It can be very satisfying to cut flowers you grow in your own yard, and you can plant what you like best. Check out Real Simple’s guide to get started on a low-maintenance cutting garden.
• A Community Garden can be your alternative to growing, if you don’t have your own space. The American Community Garden Association website can help you find a garden near you.

Once you’ve entered the gardening world, you may find swapping seeds and plants with other gardeners an exciting way to expand your flower choices and share your surplus for many happy local flower seasons to come.

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