Okay, and we’re off! #FinancialFitness2018 begins!

Week one is #Budget💵

I know that making a budget might not seem super exciting, but it actually is. We work really hard for the income that we earn so that we can spend it on things that we need, like mortgage payments and food, and things that we want, like going to the movies or going on vacation. But it can be difficult to track all of this spending, and that’s how debt gets accumulated. This happens to a lot of people, and it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. By making a budget, we will know how much of our income is going to the things that we need, and how much will be left over for the things that we want!

That’s the exciting part! Maybe I’ll find out I can buy even more coffee at Recess Coffee & Roastery.

The other exciting part about making a budget is we can start saving money for bigger things that we want to do later down the line, like going to visit my best friend in Budapest.

Okay, that one might be specific to me, but you get my point.

On to the budget!

Step One: Picking a Spreadsheet

Okay, the first step to making a budget is figuring out how to make a budget.

I know, we’re dropping knowledge on you right now.

But, it’s true! Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs. I needed to figure out which method worked best for me! I googled it, as one does, and found several different options. While there are a lot of different resources out there, like Dave RamseyNerdWallet, and several other blogs, they all told me essentially the same thing.

I am going to need to do math. You’ve got to take your income, and then subtract your expenses from it 😯

To me, this means one thing. Spreadsheet!

There are a number of different ones available, so I selected one of the templates in Excel. If you’re going through this journey with me and want me to send you the spreadsheet I’m using, email me at Katelyn@HansensAdvisory.com and I’ll share it with you.

Now that I’ve got my Spreadsheet, it will be on to Step Two. Figuring out what my income is. Stay tuned!

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