Katelyn Goes to Albany (Part 1/2)

Does fossil fuel divestment work? How do the investments perform? Legally, can we even do it? These are the big questions that the state Senate will be discussing today in a hearing on fossil fuel divestment in Albany. Colleges, universities, municipalities, not for profits and individuals have been asking these questions more and more as

Earth Week 2019

As we wrap up Earth Week here at Hansen’s, we wanted to share some thoughts with you on how investing and environmental sustainability are so inextricably linked. Our global financial systems have historically been at odds with the environment. Dividends and growth were tied to companies that cut down thousands of acres of trees; drilled

Special Blog Post – Women In Finance

In light of Women’s History Month, I am highlighting the experience of our own Sue Hansen. Sue started her career as a financial advisor in the 1980s, when female financial advisors were exceptionally rare. Even now, only 17% of financial advisors are women, according to a study conducted in 2018. We have much to learn

SRI: Policy and Legislation

The President and CEO of Calvert Research and Management, John Streur, testified last week to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. Read on to hear why Mr. Streur was on Capitol Hill, and how different components of Socially Responsible Investing are being advocated for at the national level. – Katelyn Washington – Yesterday, I