It’s Not as Bad as It Seems

The first week of February brought stock market volatility as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,175.23 points, or 4.6% on Monday, February 5th. This decline represents the largest point drop of a single day in history, occurring in the face of an increasingly strong economy. However, ranked by percentage, it’s only the 99th largest […]

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Norway Divests from Coal Polluting Investment

     Norway has the world’s biggest state pension fund— $900 billion. More than $500 million of this is now divested from Duke Energy and three subsidiaries, over the utility’s history of irresponsible waste-handling from its coal-fired power plants. Duke responded to the Norway fund manager Norges Bank’s decision, citing its planned efforts to […]

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Women Now Hold 30% of Private Wealth Globally; 44% of that is self-made!

A Forbes article cited this eye-opening statistic from The Boston Consulting Group’s June 15 report on Global Wealth: women now hold 30% of private wealth in the world, with the bulk of it (44%) coming from those who made it themselves, as either entrepreneurs or company employees who had built their prosperity. If women’s worldwide […]

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The Upside When The Market Drops

Continual changes in the stock and bond market may be considered worrisome but there is a positive to these ups and downs. If we were to have a stock and bond market that remained steady and known, the opportunity to buy assets at lower prices would not be available. The way you make money through […]

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Periodic Portfolio Tuneup

  Your portfolio is created based on your risk tolerance and investment timeline. Over time the value of each of the investments may change at different rates. Rebalancing is the process of buying and selling portions of your portfolio in order to set the percentage of each asset class back to its original state. In addition, if your investment strategy or tolerance for risk has changed, rebalancing can […]

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Are You Concerned About Retirement?

We hear about America’s looming retirement crisis often. What does this mean to us locally? AARP recently conducted a survey of registered voters in New York State aged 35 to 69 specifically addressing retirement. The survey segregated the respondents into two groups, Baby Boomers (or Boomers) aged 51-69 and Gen Xers aged 35-50. The results […]

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Fiat’s What You Got

You’ve probably heard of the Italian made car, the Fiat.  You may also know the reference to fiat as an order or a government  decree.  And you may know that you carry around fiat currency everyday.  The dollar and coins that allow us to purchase goods or services is a fiat currency.  The word is […]

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HAS News

Exciting event………….. HAS has had a very busy spring and summer doing what we usually do and working with a film maker to produce a video for our web page to illustrate the meaning of socially responsible investing, corporate responsibility, sustainable investing or any other like minded title.  The interview for the film contained in-depth […]

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How much Munch should the Munchkins have?

Can you imagine a connection between The Wizard of Oz to banking and finance?  Some have,  perhaps, even L. Frank Baum, the creator of the Oz stories.  The story of The Wizard of Oz may be an allegory to the issue of the creation and circulation of money.  Whereas, the Scarecrow represents the farmers;  the […]

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Making a Difference

There is currently over $3 trillion in assets invested in Socially Responsible Investments (SRI). This represents 12% of the funds currently being professionally managed. Funds are flowing into SRI investments at a higher rate than into conventional investments. By choosing socially responsible investments you are helping to change corporate culture. Companies do not want to […]

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