Are You Concerned About Retirement?

We hear about America’s looming retirement crisis often. What does this mean to us locally? AARP recently conducted a survey of registered voters in New York State aged 35 to 69 specifically addressing retirement. The survey segregated the respondents into two groups, Baby Boomers (or Boomers) aged 51-69 and Gen Xers aged 35-50. The results […]

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Fiat’s What You Got

You’ve probably heard of the Italian made car, the Fiat.  You may also know the reference to fiat as an order or a government  decree.  And you may know that you carry around fiat currency everyday.  The dollar and coins that allow us to purchase goods or services is a fiat currency.  The word is […]

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HAS News

Exciting event………….. HAS has had a very busy spring and summer doing what we usually do and working with a film maker to produce a video for our web page to illustrate the meaning of socially responsible investing, corporate responsibility, sustainable investing or any other like minded title.  The interview for the film contained in-depth […]

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How much Munch should the Munchkins have?

Can you imagine a connection between The Wizard of Oz to banking and finance?  Some have,  perhaps, even L. Frank Baum, the creator of the Oz stories.  The story of The Wizard of Oz may be an allegory to the issue of the creation and circulation of money.  Whereas, the Scarecrow represents the farmers;  the […]

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Making a Difference

There is currently over $3 trillion in assets invested in Socially Responsible Investments (SRI). This represents 12% of the funds currently being professionally managed. Funds are flowing into SRI investments at a higher rate than into conventional investments. By choosing socially responsible investments you are helping to change corporate culture. Companies do not want to […]

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Dollars to pockets???

   Let’s take a peak into our monetary system.  How do the dollars and coins we hold actually make their way into our wallet, purse or pocket?    Did you know that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation owned by a consortium of very large multinational banks?  The government issues coins but dollar […]

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Inherited IRAs ~ Understanding the Rules

You may think when you receive a bequest of an IRA from a parent or a partner it becomes your IRA.  It does, in a way.  Your name is on the IRA and the money is yours except, the deceased name is also on the IRA.  This means you have to follow special rules about […]

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Gifted Investments ~ Giving Growth

  What is the best way to gift for the future while allowing your gift to grow in value on a monetary basis and create growth of confidence for the receiver?  Parents could buy long term care insurance to protect their assets from being used for their health care. This would be a gift to […]

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Community Investments

Investing in your own community can be done through local entrepreneurs, credit unions or banks. Another way to contribute to the well-being of communities is to loan your money to national, international and local communities through Calvert Foundation notes or the mutual fund, CRA Fund, managed by Community Capital Management. These investment vehicles look for […]

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Plant More Confidence

Your confidence is rather like a garden. Some days the sun-shine and healthy foods make you sparkle with freshness. Other times the heat of the day has you drooping. With just the right proportions of water, sunshine, and rich soil, the garden aspires to greatness. The trick for you is to feed your confidence with […]

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