Special Blog Post – Women In Finance

In light of Women’s History Month, I am highlighting the experience of our own Sue Hansen. Sue started her career as a financial advisor in the 1980s when female financial advisors were exceptionally rare. Even now, only 17% of financial advisors are women, according to a study conducted in 2018. We have much to learn […]

Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

As we head into the second month of the new year there continues to be discord in our government and among our elected officials, to put it lightly. The government shutdown and the battle over funds for “the wall” has left little to be desired. But in the midst of such partisanship, a bipartisan solution […]

Buying flowers locally helps local economy to blossom

Think buying local is important? Don’t forget flowers, a recent Care2 article points out. Here are a few reasons and suggestions for getting local flowers: Seventy percent of cut flowers sold in the US are imported from Latin America. They use pesticides banned in the US to control the bugs and diseases common to their […]

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HAS News

Exciting event………….. HAS has had a very busy spring and summer doing what we usually do and working with a film maker to produce a video for our web page to illustrate the meaning of socially responsible investing, corporate responsibility, sustainable investing or any other like minded title.  The interview for the film contained in-depth […]

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Making a Difference

There is currently over $3 trillion in assets invested in Socially Responsible Investments (SRI). This represents 12% of the funds currently being professionally managed. Funds are flowing into SRI investments at a higher rate than into conventional investments. By choosing socially responsible investments you are helping to change corporate culture. Companies do not want to […]

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Let’s Go Up On the Roof—and Make It Green

Up to now, the green roof movement has been limited to large-scale professional and public buildings. But homeowners can also realize the benefits—water conservation, energy savings, and storm water management. Also known as “Living” Roofs, these environmental enhancements can be done small-scale and low-tech. If you envision a living space over your head, you may […]

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Transformative Re-Action

“If you cut down more trees than you grow, you run out of trees. If you put additional nitrogen into a water system, you change the type and quantity of life that water can support. If you thicken the Earth’s carbon dioxide blanket, the Earth gets warmer. If you do all these and many more […]

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Time to Get Back in the Pool?

Remember the time around the 70’s when we all car pooled? Most families had only one car, gas was rising in price, we were more social and less in a hurry. One in four Americans carpooled for these and other reasons. Now less than 12% of drivers share rides. Do we need to rethink this […]

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Fair News of Fair Trade

It’s always best to focus on  things to feel good about during the holiday season –and to share these with others can make us feel even better! Here’s some recent good news from the Fair Trade industry worth sharing – and some ideas on how we may join the momentum and  continue making a difference […]

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Did You Know?

Jackson Hole, WY has taken a small, unused plot of ground and turned it into something special—a 30’ vertical greenhouse.   Verticalharvest.org tells you about the multifaceted plans. It has the potential to: Provide year-round crop production of fresh, vitamin nutrient food locally, increase yield when compared to traditional farming, avoid weather-related crop failures due to […]

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