On this International Woman’s Day, we continue to support the efforts of bringing more women to corporate boards throughout the world. When investors use their votes to bring more diverse voices to corporate America, the direction of these companies will reflect the general population. Hansen’s Advisory Services is not only women lead, but our entire staff is filled with women who support our office and our investment clients.

Nationwide we still have a long way to go as this study mentions that out of the 842 on the Fortune 1000, women hold only 18.8 percent of board seats. Those numbers have increased since 2011 but some of these companies have zero women on their boards. Women bring a broad talent pool to the table and also can understand the thoughts of consumers and client bases. Let’s hope as 2022 continues we increase the amount of diversity on corporate boards which will create more success for these companies willing to make that change.

Why Diversity Matters: Women on Boards of Directors

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