Speaking Engagements

Fossil Fuel DivestmentSocially Responsible Investing and Your Company: Do You Score Highly on ESG? •  The Great Asset Transfer: Planning for MillennialsHow Your Company Can Better Serve Your Employees

The financial advisors at Hansen’s Advisory Services, offer keynote and value-added speaking engagements in addition to their other services.

Fossil Fuel Divestment

As universities, not for profits, municipalities, and other organizations consider divesting from fossil fuels, there are a number of questions and considerations. As groups lobby their organizations for divestment on moral and ethical grounds, trustees and board members are reconciling with legal and fiducial obligations. This presentation explains how both sides can win while successfully divesting from their fossil fuel positions and reinvesting into an investment portfolio that meets their values.

Socially Responsible Investing and Your Company: Do You Score Highly on ESG?

As we become more familiar with evaluating publicly traded companies for their Environmental, Social and Governance performance, have you considered how your company or not for profit performs? Environmental, economic and governmental sustainability are all achievable and within reach. Find out how your organization can better serve its employees, customers, community, and the environment while executing on its triple bottom line.

The Great Asset Transfer: Planning for Millennials

As financial advisors plan for the future, they’re left with the great unanswerable question; how to retain assets during a time of asset transfer. The standard answer of bringing beneficiaries in to learn about their parents’ estate plan doesn’t work. What does? Hear from a millennial financial advisor on how she’s been able to work with millennial clients and position herself to assist them as they prepare to inherit assets.

How Your Company Can Better Serve Your Employees, and Improve its Value to the Community in the Process

Employee benefits is more than the medical, insurance and retirement issues of the human resources department. It has real-world implications for the sustainability of your business and your employees. When your employees don’t have enough life insurance, access to financial planning, and are struggling to handle credit card and student loan debt, that concern they carry may diminish their value as an employee. We can provide workshops that help you consider those concerns.