Current Openings
None at this time. Please check back.

Potential Employees
Hansen’s Advisory Services, Inc. has gone to great lengths to create a comfortable, respectful atmosphere in which to work where employees’ values and goals are an essential part of our experience. We are interested in motivated, responsible individuals who intend to grow.

The following list details the kind of person we prefer to have as a collaborative team member:

•Interested in others, willing to listen, wants to be helpful.
•Is welcoming and pleasant to clients.
•Willing to be of help to clients or other office personnel.
•Wants to be able to answer any questions before forwarding the call to someone else.
•Willing to learn new methods of accomplishing tasks.
•Willing to grow personally.
•Has trust in the integrity of people.
•Is willing to do work beyond job description if it benefits clients and our company.
•Has developed skills in working on the internet and with various software.
•Takes care of personal space and office space.
•Has integrity.
•Is willing to say what has been done even if it needed to be done another way.
•Likes to be organized.
•Wants the office procedures to flow efficiently.
•Likes to set up systems that make the office more efficient.
•Is accepting of others’ perspectives.
•Appreciates the value of office discussions that forward the services we offer clients.
•Wants to be an integral part of making our business the best it can be.
•Is interested in understanding financial and social responsibility concepts.
•Likes working in a small office and sometimes alone.
•Enjoys following through with a task or project.
•Likes to gather facts that are needed to answer a question.