Fees and Commissions

The advisors at Hansen’s Advisory Services are independent and use Vanderbilt Securities, LLC as our Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor. We process all of our transactions through Vanderbilt Securities, LLC, and are paid by them for the business we do with our clients. We are generally paid in one of three ways: commissions, management fees, or hourly consulting fees.

Investment products such as Mutual Funds, Insurance, Annuities, Unit Investment Trusts, and Limited Partnerships pay commissions. There is also a commission on the purchase of individual stocks and bonds outside the managed account. The commission is set by the product sold. When recommending one of these products we will discuss the commissions and how they are paid.

If you would like us to manage your investments, we are paid a fee that is a percentage of your account balance. The minimum balance for a managed account is $25,000. Our fee for managed accounts is 1% per year, this fee is usually deducted from the account quarterly.

If you would like to hire us on a consulting basis, we would charge our hourly rate of $150. This arrangement would apply to financial planning, portfolio analysis, or research.

Initial meetings with Sue are charged our $150 hourly rate. Contact us regarding potential fees for initial meetings with Gayle.

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